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Original Article: https://mesoestetic.com/en/blog/keys-microneedling-technique

Date: 26 October 2017

For several years now, microneedling has been regarded as one of the most effective non-invasive techniques for treating aesthetic imperfections. What does this technique actually involve? What areas can be treated? What are the most effective substances to apply using this technique?

What is microneedling?

Microneedling is a minimally invasive technique involving the generation of micro-channels in the skin followed by the topical application of active ingredients. In other words, small needles create tiny holes in the skin which help to improve the absorption of skin products. The combined use of the needles and the solution produces a biostimulation which significantly increases effectiveness and maximises the results of the treatment.

What areas and what aesthetic problems can be treated?

Microneedling is a technique which can be applied to different areas of the face and body. When used on the scalp, it slows down and combats hair loss. Applying it to the face, neckline or hands treats hyperpigmentation and improves the vitality of the skin and/or combats sagging and wrinkles.

On the body, it can be used to treat sagging and provides arm, abdomen and leg firming treatment. It also combats localized fat and cellulite in the hips, double chin, abdominal area, knees and legs.

What equipment is most appropriate for this technique?

mesoestetic has designed m.pen[pro], an excellent wireless device, with different speeds and depths for greater effectiveness and safety. m.pen[pro] by mesoestetic boosts the effectiveness of certain substances on the skin.  Any product applied during or after the treatment is absorbed more quickly and easily by the skin, making it more effective than if simply applying it on the skin.

What substances can be used with m.pen[pro]?

mesoestetic has two ranges of products which can be applied with m.pen[pro]: x.prof and c.prof.

x.prof is made up of 24 mono-substance ampoules which specialize in different treatments. It provides draining and detoxifying action, stimulation of collagen synthesis and antioxidant treatment, together with hydrating, combating hair loss and having anti-ageing properties.

c.prof offers 6 combinations of active ingredients. Each vial contains the amount of active ingredients necessary for one individual session and ensures optimum results during the treatment process. c.prof has treatment for depigmentation, anti-ageing, facial strengthening, draining, body elasticity and toning.

Micro-needling with mesoestetic

mesoestetic microneedling with m.pen[pro] together with the x.prof and c.prof product lines offer a state-of-the-art technique with high levels of effectiveness and safety which is supported by published medical studies.