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tightening threads faceTightening threads – AGE groups late 30-early – 60’s

Where PRP is useful in bio-stimulating the skin to regenerate itself and producing its own collagen. Tightening threads can also stimulate the skin to make collagen.

Tightening threads are inserted into the subcutaneous tissues to rebuild the collagen support structure by forming type 1 collagen fibers around the inserted absorbable threads as a natural inflammatory response.Remembering that in youth – we have a higher number of type 3 collagen as opposed to type 1 collagen which is considered fibrous and scar tissue like, we want to stimulate type 1 collagen in older individuals to further support the skin and tighten it.

Therefore, threads are a better choice in age groups where the ageing process has already set in, as opposed to a youthful skin that still has the ability to regenerate itself.