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PRP – effective in age groups 30‐60 and up PRP Platelet rich plasma treatments are considered one of the best treatments to promote regeneration and rejuvenation of the skin.

Among the different cells that make up the dermis of skin, structural components like collagen and elastin fibers are vital in maintaining the support and elasticity that the skin requires to maintaining it smooth and supple texture. With PRP treatments, we are able to stimulate fibroblasts to make new collagen, to replenish the skin.

As we age, the ratio of two important types of collagen found in the skin type 1 (fibrotic) and type 3 (reticular) also change.

An abundance of type 3 collagen is found in youth and decreases with age. It is associated with regeneration and reparation within the skin.

At the same time Type 1 collagen, which is associated with fibrous scar formation, increases with age. Thus with age – the texture, suppleness and healing ability of the skin deteriorates.

Therefore, when considering the replenishment and maintenance and ongoing rejuvenation of the skin – PRP can provide very good results right through the ages of 30‐70.

However, it does depend on the skins innate ability regenerate itself.