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PLEXR – ALL age groups – 30-60

Dr Marisa performed Surgisoft Plexr on one of our patients and the results on her eyes were phenomenal after just one treatment.  We recommend this treatment for patients who want to treat sagging skin and wrinkles.

The upper and lower eyelid folds, wrinkles around eyes and mouth, skin growths, stretch marks, scars and even tattoos can safely be treated with Plexr. This all happens instantly, without any excess pain, no blood, no cutting, and no need for sutures – and all in a very short space of time – depending on the area that is treated.

Plexr has the amazing ability as shown in recent studies, to stimulate type 3 collagen, which makes it a popular choice for treating wrinkles and tightening the skin throughout all the age groups. As we age we develop wrinkles as a result of the loss of the collagen support network, and the damaging effects of the sun that also contributes to pigmentation and sunspots. With Plexr  we can treat all of these problems in a  quick, safe and minimally invasive manner with little downtime and minimal discomfort.


Plexr - Neck

Plexr – Neck

plexr before and after marisa 2 plexr before and after marisa klient

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