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The Best Skin-Care Brands Created by Dermatologists, According to a Cosmetic Industry Expert

Skin doctors making skin-care products — it’s kind of a no-brainer. Demanding a bit more of our cerebrum, however, is the task of analyzing the countless physician-fronted potions that cross our desks at Allure every day. While touted as the ultimate inventions of world-renowned dermatologists and plastic surgeons, not every MD-emblazoned bottle boasts the actual blood, sweat, and tears of its famous founder. For some doctors, “it’s more about PR than science,” says Wendy Lewis, an international cosmetic-surgery insider, and a virtual Who’s Who of aesthetic pros. “There’s a distinct difference between a doctor who has a personal vision and is directly involved in every step of the formulary process and one who simply slaps his or her name on a contract manufacturer’s existing formula.” To create a standout brand, she adds, it takes a village — and an abundant budget, because designing even a single original formula can be a six-figure proposition. Since it’s nearly impossible for even the savviest shopper to distinguish between a true expert innovation and the skin-care equivalent of fool’s gold, we asked Lewis for the inside scoop. After debating the merits of dozens of doctor brands — new and old, widely acclaimed and more obscure — she singled out six worth investing in. Who’s up for a house call from some of the world’s most beautiful minds?
MAY 16, 2018
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